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Our Services

  • Design

    Since we are both architects and interior designer, we are very focused on details, which is why we take our time during the this phase, in order to finalize and optimize it before starting implementation, so we can stick to quality and delivery on time.

    We are meticulous at what we do, which results to:

    • Utilization of space
    • Maximizing the movement within the house (circulation)
    • Establish privacy within each house
    • Creating as much storage as possible

    Details require us to look at: colors, different styles, furniture, of course this can’t be done without collaborating with our customer

    Understanding the needs and wants of our client, allows us to create a particular style that adds value to the final product

  • Implementation


    • High end quality
    • Rapid and accurate finishing
    • Delivery on time
    • After delivery service
    • Accuracy in quotation
    • Affordable/ competitive prices


  • Carpentry

    Owning our own workshops allows us to create any and all types of wood work, such as:


    • Furniture
    • Dinning rooms
    • Cupboards
    • Doors
    • Kitchens

    There are 2 types of finish that we provide:
    - High gloss
    - Painted on Viner

    Affordable process

  • Landscape

    This is considered the final phase of the project, without it the architectural concept will not be of value.

    Which is why we started to design and implement this concept

    We create:

    • Soft scape: planting of flowers, plants, trees, grass, etc…
    • Hard scape: pergolas, building in sitting areas, paths, etc…

    Lighting helps with the emphasizing of the garden areas

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